Article Marketing Promotion – Work Hard Only Once

draftingtools-web_sxc_lockstockb_thumb.jpgI mentioned on my training site that I was finally going to run through Matt Bacaks article marketing system, I have already discussed the benefits of doing this, so here I will discuss the process of doing it.

First things first, I love article marketing as it is an uncomplicated system that does not rely on the advice of sages or wise-men regarding where the image should be placed or even what colour you should use around the image.

Fill a page with some unique content add an interesting link at the bottom, publish it and that is that. All without the use of the mystic on his magic carpet.

Of course there is more to it than that. You do need to write about a topic that people are concerned about and use words that people are using to look for the solution to their concern. However with the vast array of keyword tools and niche locating strategies, this is no longer a hurdle that should stop anyone from writing a topical article that will get picked up by the search engines and more importantly answers readers concerns.

So, you start writing articles and you get into a rhythm and are producing perhaps 2 or 3 per day and these are answering peoples concerns and generating traffic to your site via the link at the bottom. However the promise of Internet success was that you would not have to be tied to a desk slaving away day after day and yet there you are doing exactly what your friends are doing for their bosses.

If you could make each article work harder then you could afford to slow down and produce fewer of them.

If you watch the video below, I show you how you can achieve this

Of course any system can be improved so lets hear your thoughts on this system and perhaps your experiences of article marketing.