Article Marketing and the Next Step

roadtosomewhere_web_thumb.jpgI have sat on this system for too long now and it was all because I misread the map.
The journey all started really well with a sensible idea to create great content to put on the Internet with my name on it, a little bit of Google love never hurt anyone. Especially when you are playing well inside their rules and the mythical algorithm of doom.
The next leg of the journey involved creating press releases based upon the article, now after 2 weeks of learning everything I could about writing in a journalistic style, my effort got rejected and I was pretty dejected.
There is a kids verse about this, but I shall leave that for you to recall wistfully.
There was no way forward without this press release being accepted, so I jumped overboard<img style=”margin: 5px;” title=”wrongway” src=”×200.jpg” alt=”” width=”300″ height=”200″ /> and started another journey looking at social media.  This has gone really well but as my mentor and so many top business people have said, to achieve success you must leave a trail of completion not one of car wrecks by the side of the road, thus I knew I had to return to the article marketing journey sometime soon.
During a quiet moment, I sneaked another look at my article marketing map and realised that I had taken a wrong turn, press releases were along a very rocky dead end, there was nothing else along there, so it was a good learning experience but overall a wasted journey.
Now that I was back on the article marketing highway I could see that this road was  a breeze, next stop audioville. Here was an easy task, all I had to do was read and record my article, audacity came up trumps with this task and with that done very quickly I was able to resume my journey with the sound of my own voice in my bag. Who says you have to have a big ego to be an Internet Marketer.
There are free tickets and there are better tickets, I had brought along Sony Vegas Movie Studio for the ride and it will be interesting to see just how much better a travelling companion it makes compared to my old friend Windows movie maker.
Whilst I was pondering this I arrived in movie town and thanks to the great photo library that comes with Powerpoint I was able to created a slide show to go with my article in no time at all. Plus all of the images were free and of high quality.
The next leg of my journey was to use my travelling companion to bring the audio and image files together.
It truly came up trumps and this was done with flair in no time at all.
My simple article has now become an audio file, a video and the inspiration for a series of images. These can now be used for multiple journeys into the marketing niches of video, social bookmarking and as much as it pains me Apple podcasting.
Of course the question is, what are you using your articles for?