Are You Irritating Your Market

againsttheflow_webThe important point in marketing is of course to make money, whether that is for yourself directly or by happy clients reimbursing you for a successful campaign.

I was on a webinar with David Walker last night and he recited many quotes but one that really resonated with me was the following

“No single advertiser can afford to educate the American public” Eugene Schwartz

This followed on from a discussion I had on Skype with Hamed Miah about why ethical marketers struggle to make their big splash and with that quote in my thoughts the answer became all too obvious.

As ethical marketers we want to help people change their lives for the better, we do not promote the trash products that we know will do little to forward them towards their dreams because we want to help them. However as Eugene Schwartz and the opening of this post clearly states, it is not our job to educate the public, our task is to maximise the conversions for whatever we are marketing.

Thus unfortunately when you are dealing with an audience that is happy in its ignorance why should you and I make our marketing hard for ourselves.

Give them what they want and they will thank you for that.

Force the unready to change and they will hate you for that.

On the webinar David recommended an email pattern that goes against everything you will have been told, whether that is the CCCP or the alternating CP message (C stands for Content and P is for Pitch). He like Charles Kirkland recommends mailing your list everyday, Charles actually recommends emailing twice daily for 7 days but that is because his method is about forcing your leads to take the single desired action or leave!

The idea of mailing everyday is that you are clear about what you are promoting, each message has a call to action and you gives your readers a little insight into your world without educating them.

As Claude C Hopkins stated, he was successful because he was not highly educated and thus spoke the language of his clientele and understood how they would react to each offer.

Of course there is a difference between being uneducated and lazy.

Claude C Hopkins, David Walker, Eugene Schwartz and Hamed Miah may not be the most intelligent people you could ever come across but they are all action takers responding to what the market is telling them by giving them what they are asking for.

The best ways to do this are by listening and tracking.

Encourage your market to connect with you and share their thoughts.

Monitor everything you do and look for the market signals hidden in the data, even when the campaign was a flop there can be the ingredients for future success lying within the debris of this failed project.

At the moment I am on the lookout for a tracking program that will actually do everything I need.

I have used Powerlink Generator for many years, this masks/cloaks your affiliate links but does not allow you to rank them by performance, there is also in my toolbox the WP plugin Go Codes that masks your links and ranks them. I also have a demo account with AdTrackzGold which unfortunately does not work.

Thus if you know of a tracking program that can mask/cloak and rank your clicks by performance I am all ears and ready to be educated.