Are You Building the Life You Desire

yawnwebTell me how do you feel today?

Do you feel excited that you are alive and that you have the potential to help others, or are you trudging through life waiting for your carriage clock and retirement.

I have decided to start exercising again in part due to my dress trousers mocking me and my waistline last weekend but also because I love the buzz it leaves throughout my body.

The question is are you getting a buzz from your marketing?

I am on a journey of discovery with Rich Schefren and as part of this I am discovering my inner strengths and instincts

Now I do not want to come across as a hit exchange hater, there are plenty of others who will carry that torch but I have come to realise that they are not for me. Yes they do work, my Google Analytics reports are proof of this, however because they do not play to my creative strengths or create an internal buzz I am reducing my activity in this area.

There are plenty of ways to undertake marketing and you must find the ones that make you feel alive and help in building the life you desire.

Social media is an obvious place to start but really just how social are you.

When you go to a distant friends party are you forced to stand in the corner and then leave early as you realise these are people you have nothing in common with.

I am guessing that some of your social media presences are just like this.crowded-mall-web

It is all to easy to create profiles yet if they do not fit into your long term plans the chances are they will never get updated just what does this say about you.

I am 40 years old and I have a Bebo account!

I cannot even remember why this was setup but after this post is written I am going to go through my social profile and cancel all of the sites where I am being distinctly non social.

There are of course social sites that serve a purpose, like YouTube if video marketing is your thing; Facebook (this took a while to figure out) to connect with friends, family, business associates and customers on an equal basis, LinkedIn for business connections and Twitter for focussing on specific niches.

Now looking at my networking folder, there are plenty of other supposedly social sites, including my mysterious Bebo account, that serve only to weaken my branding in the eyes of my potential customers.

If you are everywhere and anywhere then what message does this send to your potential customers?