Are You a Made For Each Other Couple?

Inspiration for articles can come at any point and the challenge is to see the value in the idea that has wandered into your conscience. The following comes from one such idea, however this one has a twist.

Relationships are driven by many complicated factors and can often be destroyed by these same intricate elements. Yet when we look around us, we see many fantastically successful relationships that on the face of it fall into 2 camps.

There are those that you can plainly see are working because they have found a soul mate and arecouple-holding-hands-on-beach-web working totally in harmony. Others however are grouped into what is termed the beautiful camp, you look at these partnerships and you realize that they were meant to be together. This match looks like fate had always intended it to be this way and you appreciate that nature could not have done better, even with its infinite patience.
  The glue in any successful relationship is most likely to be centred on their goals and interests, these of course should be shared or at the very least compatible. Of course the drive that each has to achieve these goals will vary and this can be where despite the apparent compatibility, the relationship begins to falter. There is little hope for a relationship in which the aspirations and interests of each party are working in alternate directions.
  Unfortunately life is never a case of black and white, there are always other shades to consider. Even if their goals and interests are shared or compatible the combination may not work for one very important additional reason.

  Each party in a relationship has a unique history which will color their outlook on life and this will of course affect the way they see their goals and interests. With this unique attitude comes a new layer of complexity that has to be broken down for the relationship to truly work.
  Now of course some may have tried to share their goals and interests, other will have perhaps from the outset decided that this is not for them and thus they determine that a path travelled through life on their own would suit them better.
  This is not a decision to be mocked or look down upon. They have made a definite decision and the making of solid decisions and sticking to them throughout your life is to be recommended.
  There are advantages to this approach, the primary one being that you can travel under your own terms at your own pace and keep company with those you choose. However by nature the most common aspiration is to be valued for the contribution you provide to those around you. Your life can quickly become one in which the richness and wonder are lost due to your solitary nature.

The next 2 paragraphs were not published on ezinearticles for reasons that will become clear, however they contain the idea that inspired this entire article.

Now as I draw this discussion to a close, my mind begins to wonder if you have realized exactly what I am talking about. Did you perhaps think that the focus of this article was centred on the relationship you have with your partner or did you begin to twig that this was perhaps targeting a totally different subject.
Well I will delay your progress through life no further for the relationship I have considered here is not a human one. I have found this partnership both frustrating and intriguing and one that is often vital to my well being. I am of course talking about the interaction between the tin can opener and my can of beans, which on the face of it should be a marriage made in heaven but we all know from bitter experience that the reality is far removed from this.

I look forward to your comments and suggestions.