Are We All Crooks?

people-pyramid-web_sxcI work as an aerospace contractor and in my spare time the world of Internet Marketing is explored and my activity within it expanded. During the working day my friends will enquire as to how my online adventure is progressing however truth be told they are far less generous in their description of my activity.

Their questions focus on their understanding of making money online, which is the pyramid scheme. Of course they understand that eBay and companies can make money online but their friends who are not selling products, must be a scam.

As you are aware, info marketing is a great way to make money online.

All you need to do is listen to your market of choice, discover their issues and create a solution that is tailored to this specific problem, you then have the option of  generating income directly with this information or using it to build a list. Unfortunately creating solutions can take time and perhaps you miss the crucial key to their problem so your solution is not desired by your market, so much wasted time.

This is where Affiliate marketing comes to the fore.

You already know the issues now your task is to find a matching solution that is already proven to convert and connect the buyers with the seller, super simple however you have to do this for each sale.

Enter Network marketing or as you may know it, MLM and as my friends know it pyramid selling.

Here you can take the affiliate system one stage further because you can find a matching solution that rewards you not just with commission on your sales but sales from those that you encourage to promote the solution.

Sounds like the perfect system.

Unfortunately this is where we come full circle because many of these network marketing solutions focus extensively on the commissions to be made and fail to clarify what the solution and benefit to the customer  is.

They no longer care what the solution is, as long as you are encouraging new members to bring money into their system then you will get rewarded, sound familiar, well that is because this is the very definition of a pyramid scheme.

I am intrigued by the idea of the Network marketing industry but the failure of so many solutions to be clear about

  • Up front and on going costs
  • Requirement to purchase stock and return excess at a loss
  • The commission payment lock in, you only get paid if you continue to be active in their tracking system for typically 6 months
  • The actual product that distinguishes it from a pyramid scheme

All these failures make me very wary of getting involved in a market that could potentially tie me into an expensive and time consuming agreement that serves no one other than my up line.

As one popular phrase I learned from the Network community says “are you all in” and my response would have to be no, as I like to be able to move with the market rather than be tied by the vague rules and conditions they lock me in and would ultimately prevent me from receiving my due commissions.

The line between Internet Marketing, Network marketing and the pyramid scheme is a thin one but once you shift the focus onto your own benefit then I think the line has been crossed, I maybe wrong but that does not concern me, for we each are free to make our own path in this world no matter what the high pressure tactics of the MLM industry say.