Apologies to Bacon

The farmer take time to rear the livestock and the butcher takes care to slice the meat into well prepared cuts and then we throw it down our neck without a care in the world, never once stopping to consider what those slices of bacon have gone through…if we did perhaps we would savour the taste more, for me that all changed today.

We all have them, that special pair of shoes that are kept for events, they are uncomfortable but you can live that for the the special occasion. Well today was the first day of Mark Anastasis Clickbank Millionaire event and on went the shoes, now these had niggled in Bristol, so I should have known better.

I now live on top of a hill, by the time I got to the bottom I knew I was in trouble and I had an understanding of what women go through, I could feel the blisters developing, then the sensation changed – the shoes were now cutting my heels into slices of igor. I still had 2 more miles to walk to the train or I could miss the event, that was not an option. I hobbled into town, bought a new pair of shoes and dumped the blood filled igor slicers.

Was the event worth the pain, absolutely.

I met up again with Ben Kench from the Bristol event and a couple of others, plus the speakers as described below have all been brilliant.

Like all events each speaker gave their advice and offered their product or in Marks case just some good old cantations in self belief. Mark managed to pull a load of strings and get some trully unique speakers to attend this event.

Roy Carter who has gone from near death to a healthy glow in the Cyprus sun, has a great method for making the most of articles that have already been created and turning them into new and unique products that you can market with your own personality. Of course if you were not at the event then you won’t know how he does this, but perhaps over the next few months if you break down some of my new products you could figure it out

Anik Singal was one of Americas top 25 entrepreneurs in 2008, and as this was a Clickbank event then he finally decoded in a practical way what some of those product figures actually mean. On top of this he gave away 5 great tips for promoting your chosen Clickbank Product. This was a very hectic event and there was not really time to get photos with the great and the good, as I was getting to know a lot of my fellow marketers.

Now this is where things got a little strange, I had a photo of the next speaker but in accordance with his wishes this was deleted, Andrew X had entered the room and thats all I can say about him as I have enough trouble with my feet never mind upsetting mysterious people.

Greg Jacobs lives on an island and did not want to be here, you see he does not need to be here, he has a great life with all that he wants and he has the skills to maintain that lifestyle.Mark however persisted with his invitation and it finally paid off, we were privileged to hear about his system and a few lucky people are now able to use his proven system for their own benefit.

Me, well I behaved myself as I already have a great team of mentors, I could concentrate on the speakers techniques and getting  to know the other marketers around me.

Finally but not least was Aryan Rai, he has managed to fit in a degree, a couple of postions in banking and going from substantial debts to a very nice lifestyle, however he still has the student mentality –¬† he is by his own admission a very lazy guy. He would rather let others run around and then manage the directions in which they are running, that is one definition of outsourcing and I can definitely relate to that. He gave us a description of a project launch from start to finish with a lot of the major steps covered in detail.

To make big money with Clickbank Aryan and all of the speakers recommended that you should aim to launch your own product as soon as you can.

Events are the best way to really get to know people and I am looking forward to tomorrow and what that brings…