Action…fail…shmail…until You Do it….

A couple of weeks ago I found myself on top of a mountain….

Ok it was a hill and I was only half way up but marketers do what marketers do…

My friends suggested climbing this hill however as friends often do they decided not to go and so I went solo.

Facebook live video is something I have only recently started doing and even though the first few times I was a gibbering wreck on camera with practice I have got slightly better. If like me you are not into adventure sports or free running, then you have to take your chances when it comes to creating unique videos.

And this was why, half way up the hill with a good mobile signal,  I thought I’d give it a go.

My voice in the video due to the wind is pretty hard to hear however the view from where I managed to get to was well worth the effort.

I created a part 2 lower down the hill where there was less wind noise but also a weaker mobile signal which meant no Facebook live, you can see this video here.

The moral of the post?…

Unless you try you won’t know what is possible.