4 Points of the Compass

compass-web_sxc_iproleBy now if you have been reading this blog from some time, you will be aware of the need to plan for success.

I have mentioned that I have followed several mentors at the same time which is never a good idea unless you choose these people carefully. Rich Schefren is fantastic for clarifying your business and its purpose, Sterling Valentine is great for getting you to focus on the marketing that matters which of course is the attraction of new leads.

There are of course plenty of other mentors out there and they all provide good information if you want what they have obtained.

This is where your plan for success comes into play

We discussed the idea of visualising your perfect day, this came via Frank Kern and it is a very powerful method of clarifying what you really want regardless of the income goals.

With this clarity of purpose it is time for a reality check

For most of us Frank Kern would be a terrible mentor as we are not ready to take in and utilise the information that he will provide, there is of course nothing wrong with the information it is just that you and I maybe not at the correct stage to become a student of Franks.

Take a look around you and accept the reality of your situation and the knowledge base that you possess, once you have done this then identify the next step in your journey to that perfect day.

Is there are mentor who has mastered that next step?

If there is then they are the person you should work with and obey.

Yes I said obey

No matter what your inner voice tells you, you must do exactly as they say and do it how they instruct.

Eventually you will reach that next step and then it is time to reassess your situation and search out the correct mentor for the next step. You notice how every decision now has a reason and a goal that is focussed on the long term vision of your perfect day.

If you plan your life around this basis then there will be no need to visit all 4 points of the compass as you will be laser focussed on your plan and path for success which means travelling in the shortest route to your destination.